AT&T Park Tour Kicks Off Go Go Cards Road Trip!


A Doris Day view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

June 28, 2013

No fog at all today as we crossed the Golden Gate into San Francisco for the Roadtrip Tour of AT&T Park.  Jess drove the rental car to pick up Phil and Kal at the Hotel California…  just in time for the 10:30 a.m. tour.

It was our first stadium tour to include the visitors clubhouse, an inside look at the players’  locker area,  the dining room and clubhouse kitchen.  We also got a close-up look  at the coaches’ and manager’s offices.   A St. Louis Cardinals clock hangs above the doorway of the manager’s office as a reminder to visiting skippers that this is the team they need to beat to win the pennant – the team with more World Series titles than any other club in the National League!

On a wall next to the manager’s desk, there’s a painted mural list of  great managers in National League history including  Whitey Herzog, whose  name sits at the top of the heap at AT&T Park.

Inside AT&T Park's  view toward the Bay Bridge,  the Coke bottle, and The Glove.

Inside AT&T Park’s view toward the Bay Bridge, the Coke bottle, and The Glove.

From the press box we viewed McCovey Cove beyond right field and the huge Coke bottle and baseball glove past the left field bleachers.   For five years the Giants offered to pay a lucky fan $1 million for any home run hit into the Giant Glove.   Unfortunately, except for a long ball  hit during the Home Run Derby at the 2007 All-Star Game, no batter has come closer than 15 feet of reaching The Glove.

Davelee & BillO as designated Fans of the Game at AT&T Park!

Davelee & BillO as designated Fans of the Game at AT&T Park!

As our guide, Bill pointed out a number of Giants’ statues outside the ballpark gates as well as a nearby park donated by Barry Bonds.   From our vantage point, I noticed an attendant at Barry Bonds park cleaning up the place.  “Hey, he’s picking up syringes!” I yelled out.

“Innocent until proven guilty,”  Bill The Guide reminded me.

Kal, Nails, & Jess behind the plastic on the Rocket Boat!

Kal, Nails, & Jess behind plastic on the Rocket Boat!

Near the end of the tour, BillO rested his turtle knees with the Davelee on Stub Hub recliners before we made our way out to Pier 39 for the 7D Experience and a ride on the Rocket Boat around San Francisco Bay.  What a blast!

Here’s to Jeffro for getting the rental car, and a special thanks to P.K. Nails and Julie Jones Kercher for scoring discount tickets for the Pier 39 events!

What a great way to kick off the Roadtrip!

Go Go Cards!


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